Fleet Genius Web-Based Fleet Maintenance Software For Any Organization

Affordable and easy-to-use maintenance management software for your vehicle fleet and other equipment

  • Pay As You Go Plan
  • $3.5
    per month per asset
  • Web software only version
  • NO hardware required
  • Renews monthly
  • Works on any PC or smartphone
  • Have more than 25 vehicles/equipment? Ask for volume pricing


Why is Fleet Genius so much more affordable than other systems?

Its because we use a local wireless system with either basestations or mobile phones to collect data from your fleet vehicles.  Local wireless means no cellular contracts or subscriptions that drive up the cost.  In many cases you can save 40% or more over comparable systems.

Can I use Fleet Genius with any vehicle?

Yes.  The software supports any vehicle.  If you want more detailed information provided by our VHM vehicle monitors you'll need to have a car or light duty truck.  The VHMs don't support heavy duty vehicles.

Do I need a VHM for every vehicle?

No.  You can manage a fleet of mixed vehicles - some with VHMs and some without.  Subscriptions vary depending on whether or not you have installed a VHM in a vehicle.

Can I move VHMs between vehicles?

Yes.  You can use them in any supported vehicle in your fleet.  The software lets you reassign VHMs to a different vehicle whenever you want.

How does the 15-day free software trial work?

After you create an account, you get instant access to all Fleet Genius base features for 15 days. We don't require a credit card during the software trial, so you can try Fleet Genius obligation-free.

Can I trial the VHM OBD-2 vehicle monitors?

Yes.  The hardware trial requires a purchase of up to 2 VHMs and up to one basestation.  If you return the hardware we will credit you back with your purchase price minus shipping costs.  Hardware trials are available for only 15 days from receipt at your site and must be sent back by day 15 otherwise restocking charges apply.

What happens at the end of my 15-day free software trial?

Our support team will email you before your trial expires. You can choose one of our plans and pay by credit card inside the product or contact our sales team if you wish to pay by invoice. Your trial account will become your permanent account (all of your customizations, data, and actions remain intact).

If you decide not to start paying at the end of your 15-day trial, your account will expire.


fedbidFleet Genius fleet management systems are available to state and local governments, federal agencies and education via FedBid.  Organizations that must purchase through the GSA schedule can usually purchase via FedBid as an alternative.

FedBid is a privately held company that provides an online marketplace for government and business Buyers. FedBizOpps (FBO), at FedBizOpps.gov, is a government-run, online bulletin board. FedBid maintains automated feeds to FBO in order to enable federal government Buyers to meet Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) requirements regarding opportunity notification.

Go to FedBid for more information.