Secure Vehicle Access Control Systems

Control access by vehicle and driver  ID with Prova's wireless Secure Vehicle Access Systems using VehicleDNA.

Prova's VHM OBD-2 vehicle diagnostics and trip monitors support secure encypted vehicle identification with its patent pending VehicleDNA system  The secure VehicleDNA identifier is unique to every vehicle and can be exchanged with an identity server as the vehicle approaches a security gate.  The system is designed for vehicle fleets with a strong need for homeland defense levels of secure access.

Prova's VHM transfers its Vehicle DNA generated from unique parameters within the vehicle and supports the addition of a private customer key and driver IDs as well.  The Secure Vehicle Access ID VHM generates an AES-128 bit encrypted ID for verification by a security server.

The system supports commercial, government and consumer applications and can be used to provide secure access to:

  • secure gates and depot parking lots
  • privacy gates for home, hospital or other applications
  • vehicle fleet fuel pumps
  • anti-fraud detection for UBI and PAYD insurance programs
  • Law enforcement

Capture fleet management data and gate security access requirements in a single device.  The secure vehicle access VHM also supports Prova's full suite of diagnostic and fleet management features so that you can support both fleet management and secure access within a single device.

The system works over Zigbee or 802.15.4 wireless networks and Prova can support communication with every vehicle via its own Access Point basestations or integrate Access Point technology in 3rd party access control hardware.