OBD2 Fleet Management System Fleet Tracking Monitor

ZVL1_FrontR-Prova_1smallContinuous fleet vehicle tracking monitors and OBD2 software provide vehicle usage information, mileage and remote diagnostics on your fleet vehicles.

Prova's Fleet Genius fleet vehicle tracking monitors are smart, plug-in OBD-2 telematics computers which communicate with your vehicles every second to record critical fleet management information directly from the vehicle engine's onboard computers.

Smarter than simple GPS vehicle tracking & basic AVL tracking systems, the Fleet Genius affordable fleet telematics system employs the VHM's OBD-ii and J-1939 heavy duty vehicle capabilities enable it to monitor speed, fuel usage, idle time, driver behavior and critical vehicle diagnostic data,

The system requires no expensive and complex cellular contracts and works in either basestation or with smartphones and tablets for mobile reporting.


The wireless, plug-in OBD-ii VHM fleet management monitors capture data every second while your vehicle's engine is running. The telematics system plugs into the DLC port found in your vehicle's driver side footwell. It is the same port that the mechanic uses to communicate with the vehicle's ECU (engine control unit). Installation is easy and takes about 60 seconds to install and set-up the system.

The OBD-2 fleet vehicle tracking monitors work in any car or light duty truck manufactured for sale since 1996.   They support car fleets and light duty truck fleets.

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VHMs support gasoline, diesel and hybrid vehicles. Ask about support for particular electric vehicle models.   Download the datasheet.


VHMs upload their fleet management data wirelessly either via a Zigbee wireless drive-by system or an on-demand system using Zigbee or Bluetooth. Drive-by systems implement a Zigbee wireless Access Point (AP) which collects data from the vehicle as it drives by the AP. Drive-by systems are 100% automatic and all data posting happens without any user intervention.

OBD2 & J1939 wireless Access Points collects telematics data from fleet vehicles

On-demand systems require user action to upload the fleet management data from the vehicles.  These are usually chosen for smaller implementations which don't want to implement an AP or for mobile worker systems where the vehicle doesn't come back to a central office on a frequent enough basis.  On-demand data collection happens when the customer decides to collect the data and tend to be less frequent than drive-by systems which happen 24x7.



androidappsmallFleet Genius Bluetooth fleet management monitors have all the power of our standard Zigbee wireless systems but upload through an Android smartphone, tablet or Windows PC or Windows 8 tablet system. The Android App is available on Google Play . A single Android or Windows device can download fleet management data from the entire fleet or drivers can upload their trips when they're done.

The systems upload their data via the smartphones cellular connection or the PC or tablets WiFi connection to the internet.

The Bluetooth system is perfect for mobile workers, small offices and consumer use for home fleets and supports remote updating of fleet management information without requiring an additional cellular contract.