OBD2 Fleet Monitoring SDK Tools And API For Fleet Management Software Developers

Capture and integrate Prova's VHM OBD-2 fleet monitors, vehicle diagnostics and trip data into your own fleet management software application with Prova's Developers Tools and API. The API provides access to Fleet Genius formatted trip records from Prova's Fleet Genius system and enables software application developers to develop their own applications using OBD-2 data.  

Prova's Fleet Genius API and developers kit enables developers to create their own applications using OBD-2 fleet monitors

The toolkit enables developers to add the data collected by Prova VHMs to their applications to automate trip recording, update maintenance schedules and records, monitor driver behavior and track and analyse fuel efficiency.

The toolkit provides everything a software engineer needs to integrate OBD-2 data into their own applications. The toolkit comes complete with hardware and test tools to make development simple.

The toolkit includes:
• Two (2) Prova OBD-2 VHM monitors
• One (1) USB Access Point to capture data from the VHMs
• One (1) Fleet Genius login
• API documentation
•Test application