UBI And PAYD Insurance Systems

Prova's OBD-2 fleet monitors provide cost-effective monitors for Usage Based Insurance (UBI) and Pay-As-You-Drive (PAYD) programs.  Prova's vehicle utilization and driver behavior monitors and analyzers combined with free local wireless data collection systems are designed to reduce the costs of operating UBI or PAYD programs.Fleet Genius OBD-2 fleet monitors support UBI and PAYD insurance programs

Prova's patent-pending anti-fraud detection software guarantees that the vehicle and the monitoring device are never separated during evaluation periods.

Prova's wireless driver behavior monitors are easily installable by any driver and snap-in the available OBD-2 port.  The devices work 24x7 to capture a complete record of a vehicle or drivers usage patterns, speeding, braking and acceleration profiles.

Prova's VHMs collect the following driver behavior metrics and usage statistics to help your insurance company implement a cost-effective UBI/PAYD system.

  • Driver speed profiles by trip
  • Driver acceleration profiles by trip
  • Driver deceleration profiles by trip
  • Throttle use by trip
  • Real idle time by trip
  • Trip data including mileage, average speed, trip duration, date/time stamp.

Prova's unique local wireless solution and unique security programs reduces the costs of running a UBI / PAYD insurance program.  The system also reduces the risk of fraud with our patent pending secure OBD-2 technology which prevents our UBI monitors from being interchanged with other vehicles.


photo credit: State Farm via photopin cc