Fleet Genius Fleet Trackers Monitor Remote Engine Diagnostics and Support DTC Reporting

dtcs-072712-editedFleet Genius eliminates the fear of the unknown by reporting and decoding vehicle engine diagnostics and DTC codes.

Check engine light illumination strikes fear and dread into every fleet manager and business owner.

The system alerts you when DTCs exists and sends a daily email on DTCs discovered.  It also alerts you if there is a check engine light issue.  The system monitors engine coolant temperature so you can determine if there are other problems developing with a vehicle.

In addition to traditional diagnostics the system reports on emissions systems health so you can determine if your vehicles are running at optimal efficiency.  Monitoring emission systems health helps you run a greener fleet which pollutes less.

Get alerted when a fleet vehicle's check engine light is illuminated

enginelightTracking the comings and goings of the fleet is alot of work.  Tracking when there are engine issues that need addressing can be even harder.  Many drivers forget to report error conditions on their vehicles which allows vehicles to operate for days or weeks until the errors are reported.  This creates more potential damage to the vehicle and raises maintenance and repair costs.

Fleet Genius alerts you when your vehicle displays or records a DTC.  The system even detects and reports intermittent DTCs so you never lose an error report on a vehicle.  It is common for intermittent DTCs to warn of an larger impending problem or failure.

Daily email maintenance alerts include diagnostic alerts

Fleet Genius daily preventive maintenance alerts include diagnostic alerts, too.  The fleet vehicle diagnostic monitoring  software also sends alerts for excessive engine coolant temperatures.

Fleet Genius daily fleet vehicle maintenance reports automatically notifies you of diagnostic trouble codes DTCs

Check vehicle emissions systems health

Fleet Genius reports on every fleet vehicle's emissions system health.  This is useful for checking that teh vehicle is ready to pass its SMOG inspections and also helps you keep your engines running a high fuel efficiency.

Wireless VHM fleet tracker monitors engine diagnostics and performance

The VHM constantly monitors engine performance to detect irregularities and problems.  The ODB2 device reports on diagnostic trouble codes and Check Engine light / MIL (malfunction indicator lamp) status with date and time stamps.  Intermittent DTCs are captured and reported as well.

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