Cleaner Air Is On Everyone's List Of Priorities

Prova's drive-by diagnostics system streamlines the process and ensures that polluting vehicles get flagged for attention as soon as they fall short of their operating targets.  No more scheduling emissions testing for each vehicle, use Prova's drive-by system to test every vehicle automatically every time it comes back to the service station.

Using Prova's Vehicle Health Monitors (VHMs) in conjunction with our Access Points you can monitor every vehicle on the road for adherence to national and local vehicle emissions codes.  The system requires no human intervention and collects information 24 hours a day 7 days per week. 

Implementation and management

Prova drive-by wireless Access Point basestations are installed at selected collection sites (gas stations, vehicle repair shops, toll booths) and collect emissions systems information from every vehicle fitted with a Prova VHM as it drives by the station.

Basestation installation is simple and basestations can be installed anywhere there is power and access to an internet connection.  Basestations can also be outfitted with a cellular radio to enable data reporting over the cellular network.

Support immediate emissions system status reporting for quick remediation

Reporting is immediate and vehicle owners can be sent non-compliance reports with little or no human intervention by the system. The system work for passenger cars, light duty vehicles and heavy duty vehicles and can be rolled out as part of a the automobile registration process.

Anti-fraud protectionProva's unique on-board anti-fraud systems also guarantees that the vehicle being tested matches the vehicle on the registration records.  VHMs cannot be swapped between vehicles without exception reports being generated.

Enhanced privacy protectionThe system does not use or rely on GPS positioning to perform its analysis which protects citizens privacy.  Only vehicle idenitification information and emissions system status is reported by the system.