About Prova Systems & Technologies, Inc

Prova Systems is a technology company focused on developing powerful and affordable solutions for the fleet management market.

Our specific focus area is on the creating integrated systems of online software and telematics monitors to offer fleet management and maintenance software services hosted in the cloud.  Internet based services offer the best value and capability for all customers but especially SME businesses, not-for-profits and government organizations.

We offer GPS and non-GPS capable software and plugin vehicle monitors for remote diagnostics including in-vehicle monitors for OBD-2 cars and light duty trucks and J-1939/J-1708 for heavy duty trucks.

The company also develops its own SAAS application for SME fleet management and includes fleet maintenance software, remote diagnostics software, safe driver monitoring software and fuel management.    Prova Systems is a world leader in wireless OBD-2 telematics for fleet management

Our core OBD-2 vehicle and fleet monitors are best-in-class wireless devices that stand the test of time and have already tracked hundreds of thousands of trips over millions of miles.

Our team of developers are noted experts in their field and have been involved in OBD-2 and vehicle diagnostic tools development since 1996 and before.

Our engineering team has been involved in vehicle diagnostics monitoring from the advent of vehicle monitoring.

Reliability and Performance

We measure our products by their reliability and performance.  They've been used in fleets across the globe and encompass the US government, colleges and universities, enterprises large and small and municipal goverment.  We measure our performance in millions of miles of usage across tens of thousands of tracked trips and hours of activity.  We're one of the leaders in OBD-2 technology for enterprise fleet management.

Made in the USA

Prova designs, develops and manufactures its telematics hardware in the USA.  We also design and develop our Fleet Genius software in the USA too.  We brought our manufacturing back to the USA in 2013 and haven't looked back.

OEM developments

While we have our own products for direct sale we also support a robust and growing OEM and white label business for partners who want to deploy our industry leading technology but who want to do it under their own brand.