Evolve Your Fleet Maintenance Software With Wireless Vehicle Monitors

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You don’t need to throw out your existing fleet maintenance system to upgrade it.  You can evolve its capabilities with wireless vehicle monitors to add automated preventive maintenance management meter updates and fleet vehicle diagnostics.  Its an affordable, easy and painless way to upgrade your existing system for less.

If you’ve had your existing manual entry fleet maintenance software for a while you’ve likely made a significant investment in it.   You undoubtedly have lots of maintenance history on fleet vehicles that you’re presently using and some that are providing historical information background for vehicles that have been retired..  Why throw it away when you can evolve it to fuller automation with no disruption?

You may have also invested in tieing the data in your software back to your organizations ERP applications like accounting and asset management systems.  You may even have significant data on fuel use from added receipts or a fuel card system.  An evolutionary update to your fleet maintenance system is probably a better investment than wholesale replacement.

Many customers find themselves in this situation and feel stuck with the system they have.  They want to upgrade their systems to be more automated but getting there is disruptive and expensive because they require new fleet management software and hardware to enable the change.

Automating a software based fleet maintenance system

There is no doubt that automating preventive maintenance managenent in your existing fleet maintenance system can bring significant benefits to your organization.  These benefits result in better data and reduced operational costs since automation guarantees that data is being recorded and reported even when you or your team are too busy.  These benefits include:

  • more accurate usage reporting 
  • reduced manpower requirements
  • safer fleet vehicles
  • fewer vehicle breakdowns 

Many fleet owners believe that adding actual vehicle mileage and engine running hours meters to their system requires a complete, expensive and disruptive upgrade.  There are other options.

Fleet tracking telematics data export

To update your existing maintenance software you’ll definitely need some fleet telematics monitors.  These monitors can track, record and report the preventive maintenance meters you use to drive your fleet’s pm schedules. Once installed these monitors relay trip-by-trip information on crtiical maintenance information including:

  • vehicle mileage
  • engine running time
  • engine idle time
  • fuel consumed
  • engine diagnostic codes
  • engine emissions system status
  • check engine light status

All of this data can be imported into your existing software application to turn it into a higher performance preventive maintenance program for your vehicle fleet,  What’s even better is that it is more accurate than your fuel card reporting system which are often full of user odometer entry errors. We estimate that up to 20% of driver reported odometer entries are incorrect.

Fleet Genius exports telematics data directly to your fleet maintenance application to help your fleet management system evolve

Local wireless fleet maintenance monitoring versus cellular telematics

To keep this evolution affordable you’ll want to invest in local wireless telematics systems instead of dedicated cellular based systems to collect and report vehicle usage meters.  Since local wireless systems incur no monthly data charges for the wireless service and can save your business a small fortune very quickly.  When you think about it most cellular data plans for your vehicle fleet just wastes your hard earned cash.

Fleet Genius telematics export wireless monitors save money on cellular costsA local wireless system allows for hands-free updates of fleet vehicle pm usage meters and ensures that all data is collected and reported without staff intervention.  The most cost-effective telematics monitors use local wireless for reporting data and the vehicle’s own diagnostics port for collecting the meter data.  These are either the OBD2 port on cars and light duty vehicles in your fleet or J1939 port on your heavy duty vehicles.  Self-installed plug-and-play systems save you a bundle on installation fees and are just as accurate as any installed under the hood.  They usually install and start reporting in a couple minutes.

Fleet Genius Export helps you evolve your fleet maintenance system

Fleet Genius helps fleet owners and managers take the evolutionary path to better fleet management.  Our VHM vehicle monitors collect, record and report your fleet vehicle’s usage information using affordable local wireless systems.  The Fleet Genius software collects the data in the cloud and allows you to update your existing fleet maintenance software with current vehicle usage data automatically or whenever you want.

The system offers both easy-to-import CSV files of vehicle trips and diagnostics data and also supports full export of full trip details in an XML format.  We’d be happy to show you how you can update yout existing fleet maintenance system affordably and with minimal disruption.  Let us help your fleet management system evolve with the times.

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