Smart Driving Assistants For Your Vehicle Fleet

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Smart driving assistants and OBD2 vehicle monitors are becoming fashionable as consumer automotive accessories with more and more OBD2 vehicle monitors being outfitted with smartphone apps to help you track and manage your car.   As a tool these devices can really help consumers with the basics of car maintenance management and decoding engine DTC error codes.

smart driving assistant for iPhone, Android, Windows phone, Blackberry or any smartphoneAny tool that helps consumers learn more about how their personal driving habits affect fuel economy, green house gas emissions, their own saftey and the safety of their passengers while they drive is worth using.  We’re supportive of any thing that makes our highways safer and greener.

Smart driving assistants for Fleets

If you believe the hype, you’d think that OBD2 smart driving assistants were brand new inventions.  The reality couldn’t be farther from the truth.  Fleet management systems have been doing this for almost a decade.   There is alot of experience in the market to help fleet owners implement a fleet management system that allows easy monitoring of driver behavior to chart the impacts of that behvaior on vehicle fleet performance and costs.

All this goodness is now slowly migrating to the consumer automotive products and individual car owners.

OBD2 driver safety monitoring improves safety performance

Today, easy-install plug-in wireless OBD2 montors are actively involved in managing driver safety in thousands of fleets.  These monitors track driver safety performance parameters like speeding, hard braking, rapid accelerations and other parameters that allow a fleet manager to build up a profile on the safety  consciousness of their drivers.

Safer drivers are involved in fewer accidents and since 3 million workdays are lost every year .  All told these smart driving devices can really help busineses reduce their fleet operating expenses, repair expenses and insurance liability claims by reducing accidents caused by unsafe driving.

OBD2 driver behavior monitoring reduces fuel costs

In addition to driver safety issues, OBD2 fleet vehicle monitors driver behavior tracking features report on other driver behaviors and impacts as well.  With fuel costs being the single largest expense in the fleet managers budget adding some measure of control over the way driver behavior affects fuel use is important.

OBD-2 vehicle monitors identify vehicle idling times and show the amount of fuel being wasted during every trip.  This data can be used to chart idling times per trip, per day or any time period you want to track.  Once you know how much fuel you waste idling your vehicle you’ll start seeking ways to modify that behavior to save cash.

Many companies are moving towards policies that seek to reduce their greehouse gas emissions and driver behavior monitors can help do that by reducing engine idle times and driving at inefficient speeds.

OBD2 engine diagnostics extends vehicle life

smart driving assistant diagnoses check engine codes & moreDriver monitoring is only one facet of what these devices can do.  In fact they were originally designed in the late 1990s to track the performance of a vehicle’s engine and more specifically the vehicle’s emissions systems health.  As part of that they were tasked to capture diagnostic trouble code DTCs to make it easier for mechanics to diagnose engine problems.

Today all this information is easily captured, decoded and displayed to fleet owners and consumers so you can tell what is wrong with your vehicle,  These devices capture the causes of check engine light errors and decode them,

Not all OBD2 monitors are created equal

OBD2 smart driving assistant monitor for fleets and consumer autosHow do you decide which OBD2 device and smart driving assistant meets your needs?  With so many options to choose from it can be difficult. is full of cheap OBD2 devices and many of them may meet your requirements.  Like any tech product the more data you need and the more reliable you need that data to be the more you’re gonna have to pay for it.

Fleet managers need many more options and capabilitites in the OBD2 monitors than regular consumers do.  For many consumers all you need is a cheap Bluetooh device and a slick iPhone app.  Fleet managers will want integration into a professional fleet management software application or at a minimum a fleet maintenance software program to capture and analyze all the data and keep accurate historical records.

Some fleet management software providers, like Fleet Genius, offer consumers access to their onlne fleet maintenance software for tracking, scheduling and monitoring a couple of vehicles for free or for a low fee.

You’ll have to decide for yourself which smart driving assistant will work best for you.   Please let me know what you think!