Extend Fleet Vehicle Life In 5 Easy Steps

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Extending the life of your fleet vehicles is one of the simplest ways to save on the costs of running your business fleet.   While no one would argue with that principle, all too often the day-to-day demands on many businesses means that necessary maintenance gets rescheduled beyond recommended service intervals.  This impacts the longevity of fleet vehicles and can even negatively impact vehicle resale value.   These five simple steps should help you keep your fleet running longer and let you keep more of our profits!  Extend Fleet Vehicle Life

The bane of every fleet owner is the maintenance and upkeep of the fleet vehicles.  Remembering to keep track of when service is due on fleet vehicles can be complicated and the larger the fleet the more complex the task of monitoring their maintenance becomes.   Skipping regular maintenance on your vehicles may impact your business due to vehicle downtime but it may also reduce the useful lifetime of those vehicles.

Never skip regular engine oil and filter replacements

This should go without saying but so many organizations push these to the last possible minute.  Implement maintenance system software to remind you of upcoming oil changes so that you can schedule your business requirements around these critical service points.

Keep your tires aligned and balanced

Properly aligned wheels and balanced makes tires makes them last longer. It is a good idea to rotate tires every 10,000 miles or so  to preserve them. If your vehicles frequently drive at high speeds this should be done even sooner.  You can track critical mileage maintenance thresholds with OBD2 vehicle monitors.

Be conscientious about scheduled preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance is a critical part of keeping your vehicles running for hundred’s of thousands of miles. Pay careful attention to the basics as we’ve already discussed but be sure to observe the service intervals on all the components of your vehicle that the manufacturer recommends.  Skipping these, while expedient in the short term, could have the long term effect of a premature retirement for your vehicles.  If keeping track of these service intervals is difficult,  sign-up for a cloud hosted fleet maintenance management system so that you don’t miss these critical maintenance tasks.

Wash and wax your cars regularly

Prevent rust and damage from ruining your vehicles by maintaining the exteriior as well as you maintain the mechanical parts.  Repairing paint chips and dents as soon as they appear. Make sure your vehicles are washed and waxed regularly and having undercoating applied based on driving conditions will also help keep your vehicle looking great.  Another benefit is that it may also impress your customers.

Check engine diagnostics

While following your internal and external maintenance routines is important you should also track engine diagnostics so that you can catch problems while they’re still small and manageable.  You can run engine diagnostics in your garage using any number of handy OBD-2 scan tools or be more thorough with 24×7 monitoring and reporting of engine diagnostics using wireless OBD-2 vehicle monitors.  They’re small investments but they will pay for themselves over time with the money you save avoiding catastrophic engine failure.

In the end there is no foolproof prescription that guarantees to extend fleet vehicle life but certainly avoiding these five easy steps will guarantee that you will be buying new vehicles for your fleet sooner than you have to.

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