Accidents Caused By Fleet Drivers Cost 3 Million Lost Workdays A Year!

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Fleet vehicle driver safety is a critical concern for fleet owners and fleet managers.  According to the Network of Employers for Traffic Safety (NEST) the economic cost for businesses due to accidents is $60 billion resulting in the loss of 3 million workdays.  Clearly the financial impacts on small and medium business can take its toll.  Are you protecting your business from accidental damage and unsafe drivers?  Are you anble to track unsafe employee driver behaviors?  Fleet Accident Safety

How can businesses track employee driver behavior to protect themselves better against accidents, liability and the rising costs of litigation caused by driver errors?  While there is no fool-proof method there are affordable measures that fleet managers can take to protect their employees, vehicles and ultimately their businesses.

Create clear policies

Start by creating a clear set of of fleet driver safety policies for your drivers to follow.  Describe in detail the benefits of safe driving.  Don’t forget to provide clear rewards to benefit good drivers or to describe disciplinary procedures for repeated violations of the policy.

Set boundaries for the use of company vehicles and be sure to cover how permitted personal use of vehicles is conducted.  Set rules on speeding and tailgating.  Require full stops at stop lights.  These common sense rules among others will help you protect your employees and your vehicles.   With negligence claims for driver errors against businesses on the rise and with those claims often reaching $1m or more protecting your business against unsafe driving is critical to protect the long term viability of your business. 

Monitor driver behavior

Once you have instituted a policy the number one way of protecting your employees and business is to monitor the behaviors of your drivers.  Fleet monitoring can be used to identify some of the most common causes for accidents and injuries like:

  • speeding
  • hard braking 
  • rapid acceleration

Monitoring driver safety behavior requires reliable monitoring technology.  OBD2 fleet vehicle monitors with data logging provide a comprehensive and affordable tool to help track driver behavior.  Because OBD-2 monitors operate during every trip you’ll be able to capture the details of every trip including speeding and other dangerous behaviors.  Another benefit is that OBD-2 vehicle monitors and software can be up to 50% less expensive than GPS fleet management systems and offer all the same quality and benefits.

Track utilization by driver

Trip tracking by driver allows you to see when your drivers are using vehicles. In addition to speeding information it can track start and stop times for trips and trip duration so you can see when vehicles have been used by individual drivers.   OBD2 fleet vehicle monitor trip trackers also allow you to monitor hours of use as well as total driving times for your drivers.  All of this information is crucial to understanding your drivers safety record.  These OBD2 fleet monitors can monitor your fleet drivers.

Analyze historical employee driving behavior

Not every hard braking or speeding event is indicative of unsafe driver behavior; that’s why you need to track every employee’s driving history.  Over time you’ll notice differences in your driver’s safety profiles.  Some will speed more than others, some have many more hard braking events and rapid accelerations.  Use this information to take remedial action.  Sometimes all it takes is a little driver education to correct unsafe behaviors.

Chances are if an employee is unwilling to moderate their on-the-job driving behaviors you’re already having other problems with them too.

An ounce of prevention ….

With the rising costs of litigation and uncertainty over legal outcomes having the ability to prove that you’ve done everything you could do to manage your fleet, protect your employees and protect your customers is important.  Monitoring employee driver behaviors may protect you from unforseen accidents and litigation in the future.

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