Even The Smallest Fleets Can Benefit From OBD-2 Fleet Monitoring

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Most fleets benefit from careful management of their corporate assets.  Small business vehicle fleets are no different.  In fact, these expensive vehicle assets perform longer and more reliably if they’re closely managed and diligently maintained.   Vehicle downtime can impact business revenues and unexpected vehicle failures are more easily prevented with regular scheduled maintenance.  Even the smallest fleets can benefit from OBD-2 fleet management

Today, many small business fleets are managed on spreadsheets or paper-based binders.  These tools don’t automate and alert business owners and managers about critical maintenance activities and they don’t simplify the analysis of a vehicles maintenance history.

Web-based fleet management tools, like Fleet Genius and others, offer a greater measure of automation and accountability than traditional methods.  Web-based tools offer

  • easier tracking of upcoming maintenance and history
  • efficient monitoring of maintenance expenses and trends
  • automated alerts that ensure preventive maintenance is done on time
  • integration with fuel receipts to enable expense tracking and odometer updates
  • easy-to-run reports for management review

In the end fleet management for SMEs and small businesses is as much about business continuity and revenue protection as it is the daily tasks of managing the vehicle fleet.

Web-based fleet management doesn’t have to be expensive either.  While many web based tools cost $35+/month tools like Fleet Genius offer sophisticated fleet management capabilities for much less.  If you consider the amount of time it takes to keep spreadsheets and paper binders up-to-date you’ll probably save money and time too!

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