What Is OBD-2 Fleet Management?

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Managing vehicle fleets can be accomplished using a variety of methods and technologies.  Perhaps the newest and most sophisticated technology for fleet management is OBD-2.  OBD-2 can be used to supplement the information collected from AVL GPS systems or it can be used stand-alone to provide a more affordable option for fleet maintenance system operations.

Unlike AVL which uses GPS to track and and map a vehicle’s movements. OBD-2 allows fleet managers to communicate directly with a vehicle’s engine to ascertain usage as well as diagnostics data.

OBD-2 fleet management monitors permit direct access to a vehicles engine control unit (ECU) and so can monitor vehicle speed, access diagnostics data and diagnostic trouble codes (DTC), evaluate and plot fuel usage and even measure fuel efficiency.

It is often used in place of AVL fleet management technology because it is more affordable and provides richer data that simple GPS tracking tools.

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