Using OBD2 Fleet Monitors To Detect Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC)

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One of the advantages of OBD-2 vehicle monitors for fleet management versus GPS only fleet management trackers is their ability to communicate directly with an vehicle’s on-board computer.  This means that you can collect information on vehicle performance and health to streamline and simplify fleet management.

One of the primary pieces of information that can be pulled from the car’s computer are DTCs or diagnostic trouble codes.  These codes report errors and problems in engine operations.  They are also useful in seeing when performance of particular systems is not up to par.

There are industry standard DTCs which are common across all vehicles and then there are DTCs which are specific to the vendor, make or model of your vehicle.  Regardless, a good OBD-2 monitor will alert you of the DTC and provide at least a code to help you or your tech team enough information to research and resolve the problem.

While some DTCs will turn the car’s engine light red others are informational and won’t necessarily alert you about their existence.  These performance related DTCs could have a serious effect on fuel efficiency if not addressed but don’t create an emergency alert.

Fleet Genius makes it easier and shows you the code and also provide a decode of the DTC error. You can share this information with others via the application or via email to your designated support organization.   2013-12-11_20.39.42