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Fleet Genius fleet management system works on any browser

Best Low-Cost Fleet Tracking System For Small Business

Business News Daily, August 2015


Full featured fleet management with fleet maintenance software, fleet tracking and driver safety monitoring.

Reduce operating expenses and increase profits with automated telematics supported vehicle fleet maintenance management software and vehicle tracking solutions. Switch to the cloud for cost-effective, web-based wireless fleet management that supports OBD2 and J1939 vehicle monitoring.

Professional Fleet Maintenance Software

Streamline Your Fleet Management Operations

Software to Optimize Your Fleet Management

Comprehensive and affordable fleet management system plans for any budget

Fleet Genius Standard 

Web-based software to help you automate the management and tracking of:

  • fleet maintenance schedules
  • maintenance expenses
  • fuel expenses
  • reporting

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Fleet Genius PRO 

Web-based software and wireless vehicle trackers with telematics, more automation:

  • vehicle diagnostics reporting
  • vehicle usage and trip tracking
  • idle time and fuel efficiency
  • speeding and driver monitoring

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Fleet Genius Export 

Web-based export of wireless vehicle tracking data to your existing applications:

  • fleet maintenance software
  • Accounting systems
  • GPS tracking systems
  • asset management systems

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Easy-To-Use Software Keeps Your Fleet Organized

Time-saving features let you focus on your business:

  • Preventive maintenance scheduling;
  • Maintenance invoice and expense tracking;
  • Historical vehicle maintenance log; 
  • Alerts warn you when maintenance is overdue or due soon;
  • Spreadsheet reports module offers complete reporting flexibility;
  • Manage your fleet from any web browser - anytime, anywhere;
  • No hardware required.

Optimize Vehicle Performance with On-time Preventive Maintenance Scheduling

Fleet maintenance software automates schedule tracking and alerts you when they're due.

Easier and more efficient than spreadsheets and paper records using fleet maintenance software helps you in several ways:

  • automated fleet operations takes less effort to manage;
  • keeps your fleet running at optimal efficiency;
  • track warranty status more easily;
  • well-maintained vehicles are safer vehicles;
  • Realize better fuel efficiency;
  • and more ...

Monitor and Control Your Fleet's Fuel Expenses

Fuel management software for your fleet lets you track, monitor and manage fuel use to reduce fuel costs, eliminate fuel fraud and control fuel waste.  Fleet Genius fuel management software includes these key benefits:

  • Vehicle fuel receipt tracking
  • Fuel use monitoring and tracking;
  • Fuel economy monitoring and tracking;
  • Import fuel card receipts; 
  • Report monthly fuel use and expenses.

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Fleet Genius Cloud Hosted Online Software Benefits

Fleet Genius runs in the cloud and handles all the day-to-day management of the software, servers and backups for you.

  • web-based, 24x7 cloud server operations makes your data available anytime and anywhere from any web-browser;
  • unlimited user logins;
  • unlimited drivers;
  • no monthly minimum subscriptions;
  • annual maintenance on hardware included;
  • all software feature updates included in chosen plan;
  • Pay-as-you-go plans require no long term commitments
  • Supports cars, light duty vehicles, trucks and heavy equipment management

Vehicle Monitors Allow You to Track Trips, Vehicle Diagnostics and Driver Behavior

Track your vehicle's activities around the clock 

VHM OBD2 wireless vehicle monitors collect and report critical vehicle performance data automatically to any software system.

Affordable, easy-install vehicle monitors track  your vehicle's activites 24 x 7.  Know when your vehicles are being used and how they're being used.   Automatic reporting of critical diagnostic conditions means you'll never have to worry about your employees reporting check engine light status ever again.

Track vehicle mileage to meet requirements like IRS mileage reporting, fleet maintenance management, expense verification for client billing.

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VHMs Collect Data For Advanced Fleet Management Functionality



Trip Tracking and Usage Monitoring 

Log every trip your vehicle takes and learn usage patterns, actual mileage and automated odometer updates.

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Vehicle Diagnostics and DTC Decoding

Enhance vehicle perfomance info with DTC capture & decode, check engine light status and engine stats.

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Driver Behavior Monitoring and Alerts

See which drivers are speeding or wasting fuel through idle time reporting.

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