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Fleet Management Software 

 Put your fleet on autopilot.

Save money and increase profits with automated fleet management software. Switch to the cloud for cost-effective, wireless fleet management that supports OBD-2 and J-1939 vehicle monitoring.


Comprehensive, Affordable Fleet Maintenance Software 

Save money and time by managing your fleet vehicles remotely with automated fleet management and vehicle maintenance tools.


Fleet Expense Tracking

Preventive maintenance and expense tracking

DTC Error Coding

Vehicle diagnostics and DTC error decoding

Fleet Safety Monitoring

Driver performance and safety monitoring

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Vehicle Maintenance Software, OBD-2 Vehicle Diagnostics Devices, or Both

Fleet Genius affordable fleet management software runs in the cloud can be accessed from any device including smartphones

Fleet Genius PRO

Manage fleets of one vehicle to thousands of vehicles.  Fleet Genius fleet management and vehicle maintenance software automates and simplifies the maintenance of vehicle fleets.  Fleet Genius also helps track drivers and their driving performance by highlighting unsafe driving. With support for trip reporting, preventive maintenance scheduling and expense tracking, safe driver behavior monitoring and diagnostics reporting Fleet Genius makes fleet management easier and affordable. 

The web-based Fleet Genius CMMS vehicle maintenance software is accessible 24x7 on any device with a web browser including PCs, MACs, iPhones, smartphones and tablets. It runs in the cloud so there is not installation required and no IT hardware to manage.  Everything, including your system backups and software updates, is done remotely in the cloud.

Wireless plug-and-play OBD-2 fleet monitors automates fleet management and provide richer management data than GPS solutions

OBD-2 Vehicle Monitors (VHM)

Automating fleet maintenance tasks and remote fleet monitoring provides significant benefits to every business fleet.  The benefits are equally valuable for small and medium (SME) organizations with limited manpower to manage these complex challenges.  Fleet Genius wireless, plug-and-play VHM OBD-2 fleet management vehicle monitors track vehicle activity every second and use that information to automate your fleet management tasks.

With trip-by-trip telematics support for OBD-2 diagnostics, fuel economy tracking and driver behavior monitoring these powerful devices simplify your fleet management and automate the collection of trip and utilization data and mileage readings.

If you already have a vehicle maintenance software CMMS or an AVL GPS fleet management system but need to incorporate OBD-2 or J1939 data you can export all monitor data to any 3rd party application.

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Fleet Genius is designed to support the fleet maintenance needs of small and medium sized fleets.